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Product Attributes

Overview #

Product attributes are additional characteristics of a product. For example, product attributes can be size and color. You first create the attribute, such as size. Then, you create values for this attribute. For example, for size, you can create values S, M, L, and XL.

Learn more about WooCommerce Product Attributes.

Create Attributes #

The marketplace admin can create product attributes from WP-Admin > Products > Attributes.

It is recommended to create the ‘parent’ attribute (i.e. Size, Color) from here. Once the parent attribute has been created, you will need to create child attributes that correlate with each parent attribute by selecting Configure Terms as shown in the screenshot below. 

Product Attributes Mapping #

Once the marketplace admin has created attributes in the WP-Admin, you can then associate these attributes with individual products by adding a new product or editing an existing one. 

Once in the product editor, select attributes and check the attributes that are relevant to that specific product. 

Category Attributes Mapping #

As far as attributes are concerned, this is one of your marketplace’s most powerful features! Depending on the type of marketplace you build, you may have hundreds or even thousands of attributes but not all of them are relevant to all products. 

For example, a ‘Sleeping Bag’ category’s attributes are completely irrelevant to a ‘Bicycle’ category. However, by default in most marketplace builders, all attributes in the marketplace will be visible requiring your vendors to sort through and find related attributes for a given product.

Your RecShare marketplace allows you to set up category-specific attributes mapping. This means that when a vendor adds a product in the ‘Sleeping Bag’ category, only the attributes associated with ‘Sleeping Bag’ will be available. 

The marketplace admin can create these category-specific attribute mappings by navigating to Marketplace (from the admin dashboard) > Settings > Attributes by Category. 

Note that f you do not associate specific product categories with specific attributes, all of the marketplace attributes will be visible.

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